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Each year, we can get some closure by looking over the Revolution Awards. We have created some categories this year to ease our ruminations. Every day we will unveil a new Award Winner, and count down to the New Years.

Panerai Ferrari Replica's 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Spring Drive brought out many incredible pieces. The most notable was the limited SBGZ001 "Snowflake", which impressed critics around the globe and was instantly snapped up by collectors, even though it came at an eye-watering price. The Elegance collection's SBGZ003 is also available for those with less credit cards. It features a more restrained display of "Snowflake", and the brand-new 9R02 calibre,Panerai Ferrari Replica developed by the Micro Artist Studio at the brand's Shiojiri manufacturing.

The 9R02 has two mainsprings in parallel within one barrel. It also features the "Torque Return System", which taps into excess power generated by mainsprings after they have been fully wound. This system recycles the power to give the whole movement a longer reserve of power, up to 84 hours. This is a lot of energy. The impressive performance of Spring Drive, which can achieve a second's worth precision in a day, is a truly impressive timekeeper. It is a unique watchmaking invention thanks to its electronic brake, which ensures that the gear train runs as scheduled.

The watch is slim and elegant, and has a longer power reserve. It's housed in a Zaratsu polished shell and gently curving lugs. These lugs are flat and hug your wrists perfectly.Roger Dubuis Replica Watches This watch was nominated in place of the SBGK005 Elegance blue dial with Iwate. However, we voted for it over the SBGK005 Elegance.

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